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Trail Notes: Easter Day 2016

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Our son Colin is crazy about music.  As some of you know, he has been studying pipe organ performance for five years, and will receive his master’s degree at Juilliard in May.  Leslie and I are, of course, insanely proud of him! And yet, he wants to grow further – as a musician, a recitalist, a scholar and teacher. 

He was just admitted to a doctoral program in music at Yale.  He is thrilled – he’s been given the opportunity to pursue his fullest dreams as a performer, a teacher, and a church musician. 

And yet, this is just the beginning. The road lies before him – all the work and sweat and long hours of practice to make his degree a reality – a minimum of four years, and probably more. 

Easter is such a gift to all of us. In the resurrection, our lives have been given to us anew, with the opportunity to fulfill our deepest spiritual longings as Christians.  God has set us free from the burden of our past sins and mistakes, and from the fear of final death itself. 

And yet, the road lies before us – the Resurrection is the beginning of that new life in Christ.  All the work and sweat and long hours lie before us. Without our own efforts and dedication, nothing will happen; nothing will change. 

“Without God, we cannot. Without us, God will not.” 

As Jesus rose from the tomb, so God gives each of us a new life, a new beginning, starting today. The open road lies before you. What will you do with this precious gift?   JBM


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