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Trail Notes

Trial Notes: 2/12/2017

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The Church – One Body and One Spirit.

Everybody loves a picnic (and kids love a moonbounce!).  This Sunday we combine into one service at 10 a.m., with a Winter Picnic following – it should be a joyful and fun day!  The Vestry is experimenting with ways to bring our entire congregation together to worship and enjoy each other.  When we do this, we combine aspects of both our regular Sunday services, so some elements will be familiar to you, and others may seem new.  Try to be open to how God’s Spirit can work through traditional and contemporary songs and prayers alike.  You might be surprised what speaks to you! 

Our theme is: The Church – One Body and One Spirit.  It’s so easy to forget that the Church is the Body of Christ (God!) – not just another human association.  We are animated and led by God’s Spirit, not just human effort.  Our calling to be here is from God, not just our own inclinations.  And our mission is God’s too – to spread hope and help in the world through the Good News of Jesus.  We are not here to get, we are here to give!  The people around us need to hear our message of the forgiveness, acceptance, and love of God.  So we need to Practice Love in all sorts of ways. 

God loves us enough to join us on this roller-coaster ride we call human life.  God is like the most loving parent we can imagine, or a spouse who gives and gives…and then some.  In God’s love we can dare to dream and act in ways we would not dare to on our own power.  The Church is an amazing community when we truly know ourselves to be Christ’s Body on earth.  When was the last time you listened- really listened for God’s call in your life?  JBM  


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