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What kind of wondrous love is this?

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Any love that’s easy falls down like rain.
Any love that’s easy goes out with a bad name
Any love that you find on Easy Street can only be a dream…

So goes an old Eva Cassidy song. She’s talking about human love, romantic love, Hallmark-cards-on-Valentine’s-Day kind of love. It’s nice, for a moment. But like snow melting in sunshine, it doesn’t last. It doesn’t hold up. 

But today we are talking about divine love, love that redeems us, love that saves.  And it’s not a love that’s easy. It’s not a gauzy dream, either. It’s real. It’s costly.  And it’s wondrous. And God is offering it to us for free!

But I still look for – hope for – some kind of love that’s easy, that doesn’t cost much, that will satisfy my insatiable needs for affirmation without troubling me to face my own demons honestly, without bothering to change my ways. Maybe some of you look for that same kind of love that’s easy. But we won’t find it. 

Any love that you find on Easy Street can only be a dream…

The love God offers to us is the love of one who cares about us too much to leave us in the shallow waters of delusion. God’s love asks us to be honest with ourselves, and when we are, this love cleanses us, restores us, and forgives us.  Isn’t that what Lent is all about?  JBM


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