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Welcome to St. Dunstan's, the "Church on the Trail" in Bethesda. In addition to being right on the Capital Crescent Trail, our congregation is on a journey into faith in Christ - a path toward greater wholeness, spiritual maturity, and service to the world around us. We invite you to join us on this journey.  We believe that all people are God’s people.  So St. Dunstan’s is for young and old, many races and nationalities, LGBTQ people, single and married people, faithful people and doubters...who are all seeking God, seeking deeper meaning, purpose, relationships, and joy in life.

Like most journeys, the journey of faith is best done in community. Our congregation gathers for regular worship around the Lord's Table, and lots of eating and socializing at the fellowship table, too. We learn together as we discuss scripture and the challenging issues of our day, respecting various perspectives. We gather resources and mobilize to address needs of people around us, from Bethesda and Washington, D.C., to Ecuador and Indonesia.

If you are seeking a faith community where your mind will be stimulated, where worship is joyful with glorious music, and where your child will be loved and nurtured in the Christian faith, St. Dunstan's might be the place for you.

Please come and try us out - experience the joy and laughter, the hope and inspiration that God gives us through this congregation. Join the journey with fellow travelers on the trail that leads to abundant life in Christ. We welcome you!



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